Karoa Fibres Products

The hand made products produced by Karoa Fibres is wide and varied. All products are available by mail order with associated postage and handling costs. We don't currently support internet ordering, with our preferred method either by phone or meeting you face-to-face at one of our stalls. See where we'll be in the coming months.

Product Types

Type Description Examples
Fleeces Soft handling, suitable for hand spinning, all natural colours ranging from black to pale grey, chocolate brown to pale fawn. fleecs
Felting batts Colours vary from dark, medium to light. Size is approximately 1m x 1.2m. felting batts
Spinning and Felting Tops Available in 50gm or 100gm packages. Only available in black and brown. We will be including Alpaca and Mohair varieties shortly.
Yarn Available in hanks ranging from 100gm to 500gm, and balls weighing 50gm, with a range of shades available including grey, brown and black. yarn
Handmade scarfs, shawls and beanies Available in a variety of styles, shades and sizes. Scarfs are available in knitted, woven and felted varieties. other items
Other items From time to time Karoa Fibres will showcase new products, the images are a small selection including jumpers, shawls, teapot covers and knitting needles etc. other items

Of course the range continues to grow and change as we imagine new ways to use such beautiful natural fibres. So catch up with Sue and John at their markets to see their latest range. They are going to be available at these locations.