Where can you find us?

Karoa Fibres are very active in both the local and interstate markets. Below are the markets we will be attending in the next couple months. Hope to see you there.

Months March April May June July August September October November December


date Location
01.03.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
15.03.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market
21.03.2015 Benalla Lakeside Craft Market
22.03.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market


date Location
05.04.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
11.04.2015 Pfeiffer Wines Autumn Farmers Market
18.04.2015 Spinners and Weavers - Melbourne
19.04.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market
26.04.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market


date Location
03.05.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
17.05.2015 Canberra's Celebration of Wool - Old Bus Depot markets in Kingston (ACT)
23.05.2015 Benalla Lakeside Craft Market
24.05.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market
29.05.2015 -
Swanhill Art Show


date Location
07.06.2015 Rutherglen Winery Walkabout (Country Fair in Main street)
21.06.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market
27.06.2015 Benalla Lakeside Craft Market
28.06.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market


date Location
04.07.2015 Pfeiffer Wines Winter Farmers Market
05.07.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
17.07.2015 -
Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo
25.06.2015 Benalla Lakeside Craft Market
26.06.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market


date Location
02.08.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
16.08.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market
22.08.2015 Benalla Lakeside Craft Market
23.08.2015 Yarrawonga Farmers Market


date Location
06.09.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
20.09.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market
26.09.2015 Pfeiffer Wines Spring Farmers Market
27.09.2015 Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders - South East Region


date Location
04.10.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
18.10.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market


date Location
01.11.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
15.11.2015 Yarrawonga Rotary Market


date Location
06.12.2015 Corowa's Federation Market
18.12.2015 Corowa's Twilight Festival